We connect people to nature,
community and themselves
and we do it through the bees.

I want to start beekeeping, what should I do?

Definitely take a course! 

We also welcome you to come to our annual Open Workshop Series at the Hastings Urban Farm in July and August. Keep an eye on our calendar and social media for dates and times on these opportunities: FacebookTwitterInstagram.

While you wait for your course, get reading! Visit the Bee Library and DTES Seed Library at VPL Carnegie for a selection of bee books and bee friendly seeds.

In addition, we recommend working on growing your community of beekeepers: sign up for your local bee club, come out to our workshops and events, meet other beekeepers.

I’ve taken a course, where do I get bees?

You can get your equipment from a local bee supplier, ours is Lindsay and Jonathan at Urban Bee Supplies. And we sell healthy nucs (a nucleus colony of bees) in the spring.

I want to volunteer, how do I get involved?

The best way to volunteer is to come to the Hastings Urban Farm [58 W Hastings] and get your hands in the soil.

I’d like to host a hive!

We keep bees in neighbourhoods throughout Vancouver; we add locations to our existing routes as our capacity allows. We ask hosts to provide space for 2 hives, a backyard area of approximately 10′ x 10′ is ideal, and we ask $200 – $500 sliding scale for the service. You can read more about this program here, and if you are interested, contact us with your address for more information. We also partner with businesses and organizations to create programs and opportunities around bees and pollinator gardens, contact us if you have an idea, and we can discuss how we might move forward together!

Where can I buy your honey and other hive products?

Check out this list of locations  to learn where in your ‘hood you can support us through our delicious and unique, small-batch extracted, neighbourhood honey, our quality beeswax candles and other delights!