Hives for Humanity is a registered non-profit society, incorporated in September 2012. We are governed by a group of dedicated, skilled, passionate people with a diversity of experiences and skills that support our vision of connected communities.

Chair of the Board:

Graham Baldwin
Graham is currently the President & Chief Executive Officer of The Westside School, which he joined in 2013, following a distinguished career in the independent schools of British Columbia. He is renowned internationally as a speaker and consultant on educational matters. Graham fosters leadership, encourages and supports strategic and creative thought, and guides our work through our vision, mission and values.

Board Members:

Stephen Brouwers: Stephen is an architect specializing in heritage restoration work in Vancouver, and has been a part of the Hives for Humanity team, offering his support, skills and energy, in the building of Bee Space, as a host garden beekeeper, and starting in 2016 with his role on the board.

Kristina Vogel: A marketing and social media specialist, Kristyna oversees public relations for Vancouver’s Fairmont Waterfront.  As an advocate for affordable housing, sustainability and social responsibility; she believes we all have the power to be the change needed for a better world. Kristyna is dynamic, highly energetic; she has been advocating for our society  consistently and fearlessly since we were introduced to her in late 2012.

Allen Garr: Allen is a Master Beekeeper, past President of the Richmond Beekeepers Association and former Vice-President of the BC Honey Producers Association; positions through which he advocated for bees and beekeepers. A CBC trained journalist, founder of Co-op Radio, and Province journalist, Allen has consistently advocated for bees and a greener city for the past 20 years, including organizing the first Day of the Honey Bee, province wide, in 2010. Allen has been a leader in this model of beekeeping that focuses on education rather than honey, on connecting people to natural systems, building appreciation for the delicate balance that ecosystems require to flourish, and on the vast potential we have as a city to support pollinators.

Sherri Weichel: Sheri graduated from the Ontario College of Art after which she ran her own interior design business for ten years, wandered the world and lived in Italy. She now lives in West Vancouver where she keeps bees, having been a gardener her whole life. She is on the Lions Gate Hospital Gala Committee and spends a lot of time outdoors, in the mountains or ocean. She competes in a variety of sports: triathlon, Nordic ski racing, and skate ski. She volunteers at the Hastings Urban Farm working alongside DTES community members to build food autonomy and connect people to community through nature.