The Hives for Humanity Bee Space

“The bees and the gardens give people a reason to lift their heads up.”


You can visit us at 580 Powell, our Bee Space, to learn more about our organization and to support our work through the purchase of our honey and candles: Mondays -Thursdays 10-2 (except stat. holidays) 

During the summer months, when the gardens and bees are active, we are able to stay connected to community in our DTES apiaries. Staying connected over the rainy winter months is hard; reconnecting after this gap is even harder.

Our Bee Space, established Oct 2016:

  • Provides us with an office space and retail front to support our programming
  • Hosts year-round community workshops related to beekeeping, self-care and pollinator gardening
  • Provide low-barrier volunteer and employment opportunities through our training program
  • Creates space for us to make, package and retail our candles, balms, tinctures and honey 
  • Celebrates people and pollinators in the city!

We received funding from the City of Vancouver Economic Development grant fund in 2016 and 2017 to develop this space, and through our successful crowd fund campaign in 2016, and other fundraising through products in 2017, we matched those funds to make our Bee Space possible!