The Hives for Humanity Bee Space

“The bees and the gardens give people a reason to lift their heads up.”


We started with the simple idea that in helping the bees we could help each other. Since then we’ve been working to connect people to nature, to each other, and to themselves through the bees and the gardens they dwell in. As one of our DTES community beekeepers puts it “The bees and the gardens give people a reason to lift their heads up.”

During the summer months, when the gardens and bees are active, we are able to stay connected to community in our DTES apiaries. Staying connected over the rainy winter months is hard; reconnecting after this gap is even harder.

Our Bee Space will:

  • Host year-round community workshops related to beekeeping and pollinators
  • Provide low-barrier volunteer and employment opportunities, through an inclusive café space
  • Make, package and retail our candles, balms, tinctures and honey to be more self-sufficient
    in our funding
  • Celebrate people and pollinators in the DTES (and beyond) all year-round!

We received funding from the City of Vancouver Economic Development grant fund, and through our successful crowd fund campaign we matched those funds to make out Bee Space work possible! We received the permit to build (make our improvements) on Feb 1, 2016, and we are so close! We are hoping to be open by the end of 2016, and to invite you all in for tea and honey!

Indiegogo campaign page: