Building ownership • Sharing skills • Empowering • Enhancing connectivity

Hives for Humanity is made possible through partnerships, friendships and community. We work in communities throughout Vancouver, building ownership, sharing skills and understandings, empowering residents, enhancing connectivity.

We work collaboratively with our partners to build projects and programs that are meaningful and sustainable, socially as well as environmentally. We care about the pollinators AND the people! We work with beekeepers and gardeners, sharing tools, understandings, lessons and stories.

The bees are an incredible equalizer, they demand your focus and your respect, and they teach us how to give those things to ourselves and each other, regardless of whether you are coming from plenty or scarcity, from calm or from chaos, or from anywhere on the spectrum in between.

Read more about our Partners and meet our Beekeepers and Gardeners!

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