Bee Buzz with Routific

We love hosting workshops in the apiary for teams.  Often, holding a frame covered with hundreds of bees elicits feelings of fear, bravery and excitement. Eventually the fear transforms into curiosity and time slows down – this is what beekeepers now call “Bee Time” (with thanks to Mark Winston’s wonderful book of the same name, which explores this idea so beautifully). This is one of the reasons why beekeeping is such a rewarding experience, especially for new beekeepers. Communication, trust, and patience around the hive are critical and each time we open the hive is an opportunity to practice these skills. We recently welcomed the tech company Routific into our apiary and they shared the story of how bees have inspired them – check out the media coverage below:

Huffington Post article
Fast Co.Exist
It In Canada Online

Thanks Routific! Learn more about their time-saving software that is inspired by the bees, go to

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