Bee Space Update

We have been steadily working away, creating our Bee Space at 580 Powell: a place to keep our community connected year round, to offer training and work opportunities through a retail storefront and community cafe. ***Update to this update: This week we passed the Food Safety and Health inspection, our Kitchen Permit is framed and up on the wall – so now just the business licence and we can roll out our programming!***

It’s been quite a process! Luckily for us the journey has been full of opportunities to involve the community: creating training and work, building ownership and pride; developing partnerships; and weaving ideas into realities.

We are very happy to be a close to the finish line, which is really just another jumping off point for creating more community connections and meaningful work, for building the culture of the hive, and for solidifying our model of social impact through the bees.

Thanks to everyone who has pitched in, from words of encouragement to donations and funding; from plumbing and electrical, to kitchen wares and lighting!

Bee Space Contributors:

(Please note all the exclamation points! (!!!) We’re very excited how far all of your support has taken us, very grateful, and very much looking forward to the opening party when we can invite you all over for tea and honey.)

Our Downtown Eastside community volunteer crew: who have jumped at every chance to pitch in, and who we can’t wait to get on to the next steps with!

City of Vancouver Community Economic Development Capital Grants: $25k funded, for buying and installing all the equipment and getting the place up to scratch!

#BuildBeeSpace Funders: who made our fundraising campaign a success: $25K matched, for doing all the work!

WoodShop Woodworkers Coop: who have helped us do the actual work, through all the ups and downs, expected and otherwise; together we’ve turned a dark dusty nothing into a bright clean something!

RainCity Housing Society: our landlords and partners for supporting us and our dreams!

Honey Bee Centre and Bee World Project: for helping us through the first few months of rent and pushing us to refine our business model!

Lush Cosmetics Charity Pot: supporting our Bee Space programming, creating opportunities for us to teach through the bees!

Vancity Community Fund: supporting our Mentorship Beekeeping program, training DTES residents to care for the bees, to connect resources!

Vancouver Foundation Environment: supporting our work throughout the neighbourhood, reaching out to the community through Therapeutic Beekeeping Apiaries and programming, bringing it all back to connect at Bee Space!

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