The Hives for Humanity Bee Space

“The bees and the gardens give people a reason to lift their heads up.”


You can visit us at 312 Main Street, our new Bee Space, to learn more about our organization and to support our work. Our office is on the second floor, and our maker space (candle lab) is in the basement. We are excited to be a part of the transformation of this space, from a “cop shop” (Vancouver Police Department Jail) to a place of community engagement and support.

Our Bee Space was established Oct 2016 at 580 Powell, and moved to 312 Main in Oct 2018. Through BeeSpace we provide opportunity for connection year round, when the bees and gardens are sleeping. At BeeSpace we seek to mirror the work of the bees: always busy, always communicating, with just enough room for everyone to stay connected.

Bee Space supports us in providing low-barrier volunteer and employment opportunities through our Wax Craft  program – making candles, natural self care products and Neighbourhood Honey line – labelling, packaging, delivering and representing all over the city!