Empowering Informed Consent – Community Ethics in Cultural Production

In July 2017 members of the DTES community started meeting at the Hives for Humanity Bee Space to have conversation about how to ensure that community ethics are a respected part of the process of cultural production.

We define cultural production as being:any time an entity (individuals and organisations of: journalists, film makers, photographers, students, researchers, tourists, volunteers) comes into a community to make a product from its culture.

We define community ethics as being:a set of principles to guide behaviour, based in lived experience, acknowledging the interconnectedness of our humanity, fostering relationships of respect, responsibility, reciprocity and return.

We have produced a resource card from these conversations, and are sharing it here in draft format: EmpoweringInformedConsent-Dec.18

Feedback is welcome on this draft, and we will be workshopping it further in community before hosting a launch event in early 2019.

We have also supported the production of a Manifesto for Ethical Research in the DTES, through Research 101.

These projects have happened with the input of community in the DTES, and were supported by SFU’s Vancity Office of Community Engagement and by UBC Learning Exchange.

We are launching the card on March 7th through a Panel Discussion and Dialogue event held at SFU Woodwards. Register for free here!