We have no upcoming courses at this time. Check back in early Sprint 2019.

If you looking for a fun, engaging and unique experience for your staff or team, beekeeping is an experience like no other!  Our experienced workshop facilitators will help your team practice communication and mindfulness as we explore the world of these incredible creatures together. Please get in touch through info(at)hivesforhumanity(dot)com to discuss your goals with us.


Defining The Hive - Beginner Beekeeper Course

Join master beekeepers Julia Common, co-founder and Chief Beekeeper at Hives for Humanity Society, and Lindsay Dault, owner of Urban Bee Supplies and Urban Bee Honey Farm, to discover the hive!

Discover the wonder of the honeybee and explore the key fundamentals essential for sustainable beekeeping. This professional, high energy duo will deliver an innovative, entertaining, and highly practical course in beginner beekeeping. Lindsay and Julia both BCHPA certified instructors and experienced urban beekeepers will teach you how to safely and confidently start caring for your own bees.

Rooted in a love for bees and the culture of the hive, these instructors offer a fresh approach to beekeeping.

The course is delivered in 8 modules, covering the core principles that support best practices in beekeeping. This course is intended for anyone interested in keeping bees, whether you plan to have one colony or 300, this puts you on the right path to success and honey abundance!

All students will be given the option to attend a field day in May where we’ll go into the hives with you and solidify all the knowledge.

Queen Rearing

This spring over the May long weekend Hives for Humanity is pleased to offer a 3 day, hands on queen rearing workshop in the lower mainland. Phil Laflamme will instruct this workshop with assistance from Hives for Humanity's queen rearing team. Phil has 40 years of queen rearing experience in varied locations such as Alberta, BC, Ontario, Florida and California.

This 3 day workshop runs May 19, 20, 21. 9am-4pm daily.

This introductory workshop on queen rearing will cover the following:

> Stock Selection: Choosing colony characteristics important to you.

> Drone Production: Providing an abundance of healthy mates.

> Raising queen cells: Setting up cell building colonies, grafting.

> Nucleus colonies: Deciding on a style, stocking with bees, cell introduction, seasonal management.

> Mated queens: Assessing quality, catching and marking, storage, dequeening and requeening.

> Over wintering queens in nucs: Having queens and bees available in the spring for colony replacement, apiary expansion, or for sale.

Participant requirements: minimum 3 years beekeeping experience, comfortable working with bees without gloves; no allergic reaction to bee stings.

All participants will leave the workshop with an understanding of how to raise their own queens, making them less reliant on purchasing and importing queens.

Please note:
What to bring: Personal protective gear (minus gloves), your favourite hive tool.
Participants are responsible for bringing their own lunch each day of workshop. Please note there are no restaurants or cafes close by.