Exciting new projects abound!

We have new projects bubbling with bees and community!

More stories will be coming soon but for now, in brief, here’s what we’re working on:

1) Amacon’s Milross Gardens on Main We are thrilled to be working with this community garden to build a beautiful pollinator meadow in and amongst the community plots! We will be bringing in honey bees, growing pollinator friendly plants, hosting open workshops, celebrating and beautifying, and involving the community in the space! We had our first meeting with the community gardeners today and it was a lovely experience meeting all the green thumbs brought together by this space and gathering their input for what they’d like to see in their community!

2) Terroir Urban Cloth at the Hastings Urban Farm The Earthand Gleaners Society will be growing flax from seed alongside community members, harvesting and processing it into linen, using natural dyes form plants grown in the garden and wax from our bees to finish it, and then weaving it into beautiful pollinator medallions to hand in our city’s pollinator friendly spaces!

3) Flipside Give A Day We were chosen for Flipside’s Give a Day Which means we get 24hrs of their time invested into our project, helping us to better convey what we do!

4) Bee Library at the Carnegie Branch We have been helping to choose books to bring to the library, and encouraging our folks to go read ’em! We are also working on a seed library, which would go hand in hand with the Bee Library!

5) City of Vancouver Pollinator Project We’ve partnered up with the City ov Vancouver Parks Board to help spread the buzz about pollinators and how we can support them! We got involved through our own Pollinator Corridor Project, which you can read more about at pollinator corridor.com


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