Three Stories of Growth:

1) Our team of community beekeepers is growing. One of the most exciting things about that is to see the cycle of empowerment in action; individuals who we supported in taking leadership roles, passing on their skills, taking pride in their work, and sharing their joy with others.

2) We are very excited to have received approval for a Community Economic Development Grant from the City of Vancouver. This grant will support the work that we are doing, helping us to grow the opportunities we provide, and further grounding our work in the community of the Downtown Eastside. We are creating a hub of activity, connectivity and learning: our Bee Space. This hub will offer training, volunteer and work opportunities, workshops and supportive programming, and will feature our honey, candles, slaves and other products in a Cafe setting. This grant will support us in making the improvements to that space that we need to succeed!

3) Our summer workshop series is up and running, and continues to grow and thrive, with local bee experts sharing their knowledge with our community. Everyone is welcome: Thursdays 1pm at the Hastings Urban Farm (58 West Hastings)! Come share your story with us and be a part of the community we are building through the culture of the hive.

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