Guest Blog: Intern Sam

Guest Blog from our Carleton University Social Work Field Placement student Sam Davidson: Sam came and joined the H4H team in May and is with us until the end of July, she has been helping out at Bee Space, the Hastings Urban Farm and Folk Garden, in our Therapeutic Apiary and Mentorship programming, our Neighbourhood Honey Program, our workshops, events and with all kinds of things in between.


Hello! You may or may not have seen me buzzing around the garden and/or bee space over the last month so please allow me to introduce myself properly. My name is Sam Davidson and I am here at Hives for Humanity doing a field placement as part of my fourth year curriculum in the Bachelor of Social Work program at Carleton University in Ottawa Ontario. How and why the heck did I come all this way to do a social work placement? My background is in food security and working with people experiencing poverty in rural settings. My passion is connecting with marginalized folk in nature and cultivating meaningful social relationships while building feelings of self-worth, belonging and community. I am also a beekeeper.

A few years back a dear friend of mine introduced me to Hives for Humanity and I began my one sided long distance love affair with this amazing organization. I went from following them on social media to exploring  ways to incorporate what they are doing into my school projects and that is how I made my first real connection with Sarah, emailing questions. Fast forward a year later and I was bringing a jar of honey to my neighbour as thanks for a past favour when she introduced me to her dear friend who was visiting her, a fellow beekeeper. Phil, who is rearing queens (among other things) for Hives for Humanity, introduced himself and told me that although he used to live out my way he was now working for an organization in Vancouver. ‘It wouldn’t happen to be Hives for Humanity?’ I asked. Indeed it was. That night I dared to dream that I could come to H4H for my field placement and the wheels were in motion. I emailed Phil who put me back in touch with Sarah and the process began.

So here I am for the next three months, soaking up the good work being done at Hives for Humanity. I have been overwhelmed by the warm welcome I have received from everyone and I have already learned so much about beekeeping, gardening and the community of the downtown east side. I hope to take all that I learn back with me to Ontario both to include this meaningful work in my future practice as a social worker and to share with others how feelings of community, hope and joy can be cultivated in unlikely places with nature, gardening and bees, connecting us both to ourselves and to each other.

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