Honey Extraction

We’ve been extracting our 2015 Neighbourhood Honey over the past few weeks and are very excited to share it with the world!

We small batch extract all of our honey, so that the unique profiles of each neighbourhood are highlighted, especially in contrast to each other. Neighbourhoods include: Hastings, Main, Drive, Kitsilano, Fraser, Renfrew, Hastings Sunrise, and Delta! Taste your neighbourhood, take pride in its terroir and even take a trip around the city through one of our honey flights.

For our community partners, non-profit supportive housing residences and community gardens where we host our Therapeutic Mentorship Beekeeping program, we take our small three frame extractor in and extract alongside community on location. These workshops are great sources of pride and joy, residents having seen the bees through a season or more, supporting them through pollinator gardening and hive inspections, and now, finally, reaping the sweet reward of their care.

When we really think about all the things it takes to make a jar of honey, we start to understand the true value of honey, which is far greater than its shelf price, including:

  • Gardeners caring for the plants that produce the nectar and pollen that feed the bees!
  • Bees, flying 50,000 miles to make 1 lb of honey, which has to be stored in wax also made by the bees, which can hold 20x its own weight in honey but takes about 8 lbs of honey to make!
  • Beekeepers caring for the bees all year, then harvesting, extracting, filtering and bottling the excess honey they have made!
  • Not to mention the services provided by the bees in the act of making honey: pollination

So we look at a jar of honey and we see a year of meaningful work, from both the bees and the people; we see medicine, for cultural and physical ails; and we see a product that connects people to meaningful opportunities, provides self-worth, community pride, hope and joy.


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