Local Economic Development Lab

We are very proud to be a cohort member in the 2016-2017 SFU Radius LED Lab, for our Building Bee Space project. We are featured in this month’s newsletter with an article by our Project Coordinator Amelia Huang, Entering the Hive; and an article by our Chief Community Officer Sarah Common, Supporting Health, Safety and Dignity, A Future Tent City Model for Vancouver.

Through this partnership with SFU Radius we are working to build out our Bee Space, with the goal of offering it as an asset in the DTES community. We want to provide meaningful opportunities for skills training and work experience, foster self-worth and empower leadership for social justice and environmental sustainability, and create a space that can be utilized by other community minded makers and shifters! We want to do this in a way that is feasible and viable in the long term, both for our organization and for the people we work alongside.

Our LED Lab cohort peers are a group of change makers doing excellent work in the DTES, check out their work here: Rebuild BC, Potluck’s KNACK Program, and The Binners’ Project!

BUZZ: Look for more information on Bee Space coming soon … we are planning an open house for early December!

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