New Year 2019

Happy New Year, H4H Hive!

We are grateful for all of your contributions: your support, volunteering, pollinator planting, bee advocacy, social and environmental justice, inclusion and diversity work, all make our programs and opportunities possible.

Together we are building the future we hope for – where all ways of knowing and being, all people, plants and pollinators, are respected and honoured in reciprocal relationships of dignity.

Hope is not an easy road, it requires a balancing of light and dark; facing truths about ourselves and our systems; acknowledging and owning our impacts instead of externalizing them; and taking action that is collaborative and that empowers voices that are marginalized and silenced. But let’s continue to chose the roads that are challenging, for it is on them that we grow!

Thank you for growing with us.

Keep an eye on our calendar for events,  we are starting to schedule our Beginner and Intermediate Beekeeping courses for the spring, and to look ahead to beekeeping workshops for the summer.


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