Pigeon Park Makeover Day

The Pollinator Corridor Project has grown from a seed of an idea, into a community of pollinators and people. We started with a list of people and places we wanted to work with, and now we know the names and the facesĀ of those people, and have shared the joyful experience of learning and engaging community with them.

We started at 9:30am on Friday, assembling our cedar planks into the sides of the planter we had planned for our Pigeon Park Makeover. By 10:30am we were laying the pieces out in the planter, hooking up power at the Window Community Art Shop, and staking in the sides around the tree. By 10:35am we had folks asking us what we were up to, encouraging us along and offering their help. By 11am we had three helpers caring wheelbarrows of soil and plants from the Hastings Urban Farm, and three helpers lifting the soil into the newly assembled and lined planters.

By 1:30pm, when the Drinkers Lounge Brew Coop members arrived, we were ready to plant our transplants and cast some seeds of hope and remembrance together, in honour of those this community has lost in recent days and years; in lifetimes.

It was a beautiful day and we accomplished a lot, working side by side with the residents of the DTES neighbourhood who make Pigeon Park their community. Thanks to the willingness of the City of Vancouver Parks Board to give us this opportunity to shine; this week we will install a mason bee house in theĀ tree, offering them habitat and forage in exchange for the pollination of our flowers!


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