Seed Library ‘Zine

The DTES Seed Library (located in the Carnegie Library at Main and Hastings) is a place where folks in the community can access food, medicinal and pollinator-friendly seeds to grow, share and enjoy. Many of the seeds are grown, shared and harvested by community farmers at the Hastings Urban Farm (58 W. Hastings St and 501 Powell St sites) and Hastings Folk Garden – a place where community members in the DTES can access low-barrier training and employment grounded in nature, community and care for our urban ecosystem.

In partnership with many community groups, we developed a “Seed Starting Tips ‘zine” to provide some useful information for gardeners accessing these seeds. ‘Zines are self-published, small-scale works often made of recycled content and reproduced by photocopier. Ours is a combination poster/booklet and it’s now available free for download to share far and wide.

Happy planting!

> Learn how to fold the ‘zine here

> Download the DTES SEED LIBRARY ZINE (11 x 17 PDF)

> More ‘zine inspiration here

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