Storage Container Saga

Last week we had a storage container delivered to the Hastings Urban Farm, where we run our open beekeeping workshops on Thursdays at 2pm, sell our honey in season at the farm gate Thursdays 3-6pm, run hive construction workshops, engage with the community, and have been planting a pollinator meadow for the bees and the people to enjoy!

The container comes from one of our generous supporters, the Bee World Project, who have given us business plan mentorship and consultation that has been of great and lasting value, places in the Beginner Beekeeper course at the Honey Bee Centre in Surrey where we learned a lot about bees from Beekeeper Eric, and fell in love with a trip of goats, and most recently this gem of a storage container!

It was very exciting to help the flat bed in through our tricky gate, and then watch him unload the container like it was a large feather, with skill and grace, and put it down exactly where i asked for it to be placed. And then to get all of our equipment into one place, and start our hive construction workshops back up immediatley! Yesterday one of our community carpenters said to me ” you know, I could be on the street right now, but I’m here, and I’m doing it for the love of the bees, and to be around people, I like it here, I like this work, thanks for taking me in.”  He was thanking the whole crew, not just me, and his work has been true and valuable and I thanked him right back. The DTES community has incredible depth of spirit, skill, intelligence and  understanding, and we are honoured to be part of it.

Amazing things are possible with a little help from our friends!


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