Sweet Deal

Our friend and mentor, author of Bee Time: Lessons from the Hive, and Professor at SFU Centre for Dialogue, Mark Winston, was commissioned by Vancity Credit Union to write a research paper on the honey bee industry in BC.

The report was released at the end of July and it shows that BC is bucking the trends that we so often hear in the media, of globally declining bee health and populations. The report contains good news for bees in our province, and highlights the opportunities for us to support bees, both wild and managed, by focusing on growing and diversifying our local beekeeping resources, strengthening our economy and our ecosystem as we go.

We had the opportunity to write a set of guest blogs with Vancity for their Good Money Blog: one on Saving the Bees, another on Urban Beekeping, and you can read Mark’s report here. (The first page has a really great list of highlights, the guts of the information, and then you can read on for more detail and even a little bit of a story about us on page 4!)

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