The H4H Bee Exchange!!

We love sharing our excitement about and understanding of bees, talking with beekeepers new and old, or simply interested folks, from communities throughout our city.

We are hosting a monthly Bee Exchange, which we hope will be a forum for discussion, a place where you can come and learn about bees, ask questions about what they are up to, share observations, or work out conundrums (for there are always conundrums) with a group of experienced beekeepers.

Our Chief Beekeeper, Julia Common, will present an overview of “What’s going on in the hive?” She will discuss what to be on the look out for in your hive, and share tools for management of your bees, to give them the best chance for full nutrition and robust health, which they need to succeed.

Our Chief Community Officer, Sarah Common, will make a brief presentation on “Therapeutic Beekeeping”, and what that can mean for communities and individuals close to your heart.

We find that the best tool is a supportive community, and that is what we seek to build at the Bee Exchange. Drop-ins welcome, tea and honey provided, come chat bees with us!


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