The Hives for Humanity Bee Space

We have moved into our new space at 580 Powell: The Hives for Humanity Bee Space!

We are very excited to finally have a home base, where the community can find us even on rainy days when we are not in the gardens and the hives.

The plan is to upgradeĀ the kitchen so that we can run the space as a cafe: a place of conversation and joy. We’ll host workshops, events, seminars, discussions and celebrations, we’ll feature honey in our coffee and tea, we’ll have a nice reading nook filled with our collection of bee books and magazines, and the place will always smell of beeswax and honey.

We’ve taken a 2yr lease with our landlords and partners, Rain City Housing, and we are very excited to grow the space! We took over on Feb 1st, and spent a whirlwind of a few days working with our community volunteers, gardeners and beekeepers, to clean, patch, sand, paint, clean again, and put up our shop.

We’ve been running a pop-up-honey-shop over the past few days, giving away small jars of honey to all of our visitors, and sampling the flavours of our neighbourhood honeys.

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