Vancouver is Awesome

Thanks Vancouver is Awesome for sharing our story, for asking such great questions, and supporting us in fostering inclusive opportunity in our city. Vancouver can be an awesome place, with our mountains, forests and oceans, our advocacy work pushing edges and changing tides (Insite, Crosstown Clinic, Stop KM, Culture Saves Lives,  Binners’ Project, Populous Map and more), our celebrations of culture through art, music and dance, the moments in between shared with friends and neighbours, chosen families.

Vancouver, Canada, Turtle Island … we also have a lot to work on: not every member of our communities have access to safe and dignified housing or health; we are in an opioid overdose crisis due to long held and systemic devaluation and stigmatization of cultures we are taught to perceive as “other”; we are still not facing the truths of colonization, the lasting, shadowy and entrenched legacy of these violent systems of oppression; we still value some ways of knowing and being over others, despite the deep interconnection of all systems and the fragility of human and ecosystem balance and health, being so apparent in the environmental and social crises we face today. 

Within all of this, there is light, and there is hope, and Vancouver can be awesome, especially when we work to include, celebrate and support diversity. We are stronger together. We can learn from the trees, the waters, the people and all the other being who make this place awesome.


V.I.A. Podcast Ep 16: Sarah Common, Hives for Humanity


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