Vision, Mission, Values


Hives for Humanity is honoured to work with people and pollinators on the unceded lands of the Musqueam, Squamish and Tsleil-Waututh First Nations. We seek to create and support opportunities to connect people back to the lands that have been stewarded by the Coast Salish peoples for thousands of years, to honour the interconnectedness of all life, and to build tools of understanding and relationships of reciprocity.


Healthy communities connected through the culture of the hive.


We work to create transformative opportunities for people and pollinators.  Through mentorship based programming we create flexible opportunities for people to engage in the therapeutic culture that surrounds the hive; we foster connectivity to nature and to each other; we participate in local sustainable economies; we support at-risk populations of people and pollinators, and we do so with respect and joy. We create a supportive and connected network, and offer opportunity for building self-worth and community pride, so that all may thrive. We connect people to nature, to community and to themselves, and we do it through the bees.


  • Respect: We work with respect for each other, for our partners and participants, and for the bees; we offer dignity, equality and opportunity to all.
  • Self-Worth: We foster self-worth in individuals, creating respite amidst chaos, and building pride through meaningful experience, ownership and connectivity.
  • Inclusivity: Our community is built on diversity and inclusion. We collaborate openly, work in teams, and listen to every voice. Everyone is welcome, always.
  • Education: We engage, inform and inspire people to connect with nature, with themselves and with their community; advocating for pollinators and their habitats.
  • Trust: We build relationships on honesty and accountability, ensuring the safety and wellbeing of everyone we work with.
  • Opportunity: We find and create spaces that provide opportunities for people, plants and bees to grow and thrive. We give people a reason to lift their heads up; we create hope where there was none before.
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