Stories of Life Change

“The bees give people a reason to lift their head up”

Jim: Beekeeper

Jim: Beekeeper
“The bees give people a reason to lift their head up”

Hastings Folk Garden Gatekeeper and Beekeeper, a community advocate and leader, Jim has been with H4H since day one.

From welcoming the bees in on their first day, to managing hive inspections, caring for the garden, cleaning hive tools and boxes, extracting and bottling honey, working at events and workshops, and engaging his community in the opportunities that the garden and the bees present, Jim is a part of our team.

Jim was the creative spark behind the DTES Seed Library, hosted alongside the Bee Library at the VPL Carnegie Branch.

Ian: Beekeeper

Ian Beekeeper

“The bees have given me hope where there was none before.”

Since receiving an invitation to come be a part of the bee program at Hugh Bird, Ian has taken on more and more responsibility for the bees, providing valuable perspective to our team.

With friends from his building, alongside H4H, and with the support of small grants, Ian has helped turned an old garbage heap on the back patio of his residence, into a vibrant community garden and apiary.

Ian loves the complexity of the bees: “I can spend hours just watching them and just when I think I have them figured out they often throw me a curve ball.”

Andrew: Bugmaker, Nature Interpreter, Beekeeper

Andrew Bugmaker Nature Interpreter Beekeeper
“We can learn a lot from them [the bees].”

Andrew is an insect sculptor and long time resident of East Van, and has enjoyed working with Hives for Humanity for two seasons.

Hive maintenance, assessment and treatment, honey harvest and swarm catching are some of the ways he has enjoyed interacting with bees in the lower mainland. His appreciation of insect behaviour and anatomy lends to his ever increasing enthusiasm for beekeeping.

Sadhu, Manda, Zella & Maela: Host Family

Sadhu Manda Zella & Maela Host Family
“It has been beautiful to watch the whole family engage with the hive, dogs, kids and parents included, as well as neighbours over the fences and passing in the alleys!”

Favourite way to enjoy honey: By dipping a finger straight into the honey still warm from the hive!

“We love everything about the bees: the rhythmic hum and musk of the hives, how industrious the bees are, how they seem to know each of our family members, and watching them all fly back home at dusk.”