Partners & Funders

We started with one partner, in one garden, with one hive...


We started with one partner, in one garden, with one hive … and we have been building our community steadily from there. We are truly honoured to be part of such a supportive, connected network, all centered around caring for communities and bees:

Non Profits, Social Enterprises and Community Partners in the DTES and beyond

ATIRA Women’s Resource Society With the support of the Vancouver Foundation Greenest City Fund, we brought two hives and our therapeutic programming to Sorella House for Women in 2014.

BC Housing Society We partnered in 2016, supported by the City of Vancouver Greenest City Fund, to bring two new Therapeutic Apiaries together with residents at Steeves Manor and Culloden Court.

Carnegie Community Centre Vancouver Public Library  has created a beautiful bee library where folks from the DTES community can access books about bees and other pollinators, learn about backyard bees and how to feed the bees! Carnegie Library also hosts our free DTES Seed Library!

Dunbar Community Centre has partnered with us to bring our Therapeutic Mentorship programming into their community centre, hosting hives, facilitating programming, connecting community

Earthand Gleaners Society We love working with these wonderful urban weavers, on projects that connect people to land, place and tradition.

East Van Roasters Providing training and employment for women living in recovery in the DTES and using our honey in their delicious chocolates and caramels. EVR also provides us with all of our burlap for our bee smokers!

Fraser Correctional Centre We have partnered on projects with the prison system to bring therapeutic opportunity to incarcerated individuals, many of whom transition between the DTES and FCC regularly.  Our hope is that those who get involved in our programming on the inside, will find it again on the outside, easing the difficult transition back into society that many face alone.

Groundswell Ever map your network? Groundswell helped us map ours and see what a vital and exciting community we are a part of! Supporting social enterprise and alternative, grassroots, economic initiatives.

Hastings Folk Garden The location of our first hive, this green respite in the heart of the DTES is a very special place.  This wonderful video tells the story of that first hive and first obey harvest, that sparked Hives for Humanity in June 2012.

Hastings Urban Farm An Urban Farm focused on community education and empowerment, a great place to bring your energy and get involved with your hands in the soil, at a free workshop, a hive inspection or at the annual Pow Wow hosted by Culture Saves Lives. The HUF is a project of the PHS Community Service Society.

The Hastings Crossing Business Improvement Association HxBIA supported us in extending our Pollinator Friendly Hastings Hanging Baskets in partnership with the PHS Hastings Urban Farm,  beautifying the DTES, building community pride while providing habitat and forage, and connectivity for pollinators!

The Downtown Vancouver Business Improvement Association We are working with the DVBIA to enliven Cathedral Square Park, in partnership with City of Vancouver Parks Board in March 2017!

DTES Neighbourhood House Grassroots, community and family oriented, acknowledging the power of food to unite and create, offering education and workshops in the DTES around food security.

Lookout Society We partnered with Lookout in 2016 to bring therapeutic apiaries and meaningful programming into two supportive residences, The Yukon Shelter and First Place Residence.

Portland Hotel Community Service Society Our founding partner, The PHSCSS supported us in placing our first hive, with therapeutic programming and community opportunity, in the Hastings Folk Garden.  Incorporated in 1993, the PHS Community Services Society provides innovative housing, support and advocacy to people living at-risk and on the margins of society.

RainCity Housing RainCity strives to find a home for every person. They are a grassroots organization built around compassion, purpose and a commitment to delivering progressive housing and support solutions for people living with mental illness, addictions and other challenges. We keep bees with RainCity at Marguerite Ford Apartments and The Budzey, and have been working with this excellent organization since 2013.

Window Community Arts Shop Employing women from the DTES community, facilitating workshops, consigning the work of artists, crafters and artisans with a fair trade ethic, and making beautiful bags for us to carry our bee kits in! You can buy our honey, candles and salves here, as well as learning how to sew a tote, make your own pottery, and more.

Environmental Organisations and Projects

Earthwise Gardens Pollinator friendly plants for our apiary sites to increase forage for our honey bees and other wild pollinators.

Environmental Youth Alliance We are building spaces for pollinators in our city, and looking to link up with other groups like EYA who’s missions align, creating more forage, habitat and connection for people and pollinators alike, together.

Fresh Roots Urban Farms  Transforming urban spaces and building access to healthy food,  including an innovative partnership between Urban Farmers and Vancouver Schools, facilitating outdoor learning with students.

James Bay New Horizons Society Pollinator Garden and Apiary We worked to consult with this group based in Victoria BC to share our tools and experiences. We offered our support in enhancing their community pollinator garden with the addition of an apiary, which they successfully installed and are managing in partnership with Victoria’s Parks Board.

Victory Gardens Part of our collaborative network of beekeepers and gardeners.

West Coast Seeds Part of our collaborative network of beekeepers and gardeners, and donors of pollinator friendly seeds that support our Pollinator Corridor Project and DTES Seed Library.


SFU Radius LED Lab We are very proud to have been in the 2017 cohort of social enterprise projects at the SFU RadiusLocal Economic Development Lab – our cohort includes the Binners’ Project, Potluck’s KNACK Program, and RebuildBC – and is supporting us in strategizing the delivery of our Bee Space program.

SFU Woodwards Centre for Dialogue Constructive communication and care for community, a place we have found mentorship and partnership and encourage our friends and communities to connect with.

UBC Learning Exchange Connecting community to nature based learning and engagement, through partnership. 

UBC Pacific Centre for Isotopic and Geochemical Research Researchers at PCIGR have been working on determining the concentrations of trace metals (e.g., lead, zinc, arsenic, copper and cadmium) in honey from our hives throughout the Lower Mainland. The initial lab results show that the urban honey produced by H4H is entirely safe for human consumption.

Vancity Office of Community Engagement in the SFU Woodward’s Cultural Unit Working to connect SFU and the surrounding community, building bridges, sharing and connecting cultures and working with us on our DTES Seed Library project. This office connects, supports, engages and continues to work with us to support advocacy and opportunity in the DTES community and beyond. Empowering Informed Consent.

Local Businesses and Organisations

Big Rock Urban Brewery Big Rock joined the H4H community in 2015 and got our Indiegogo Crowdfund campaign off to a very exciting start. We have continued to grow this partnership, offering workshops and training to staff and building community inclusion through our programming.

Fairmont Waterfront Hotel World renowned hospitality linking into environmental and social sustainability, supporting pollinators and people, seeking connectivity and community, and doing it, with us, through the bees. We manage the colonies on the FW rooftop, in partnership with Honey Bee Centre, and we are maintaining the Chef’s garden on the rooftop, keeping it pollinator friendly, beautiful and productive.

Vancouver Police Department Our vision is to connect communities through bees, and we are very excited to be building this partnership, which we hope will lead to  members of the DTES community beekeeping alongside members of the VPD, changing narratives about each group, and focusing on the opportunity for human connectedness that the bees offer to all.

Woodshop Workers Cooperative Not only does the Woodshop make beautiful customizable furniture and accessories from up cycled and reclaimed materials, they also support opportunities for employment and skills building. We had the fortune to partner with Woodshop in building our Bee Space, and are continuing to grow the partnership, making planters, gift boxes, hive stands and some things in between through our Fairwood program, teaching skills, reclaiming wood, building community.


Bee Diverse Part of our collaborative community of bee enthusiasts, facilitator of Mason Bee workshops

Bee School Brian Campbell’s holistic approach to keeping the bees (all of the bees!)

Bee Time Mark Winston’s book sharing Lesson’s from the Hive was the recipient of the Governor-General’s Literary Award for Non-Fiction – it is a must read for anyone interested in bees, food, community, dialogue, and share’s our story too!

Feed the Bees Part of our collaborative community of beekeepers.

HoneyBee Centre HBC is a key partner for us, offering supports, mentorship, honey extraction help, beekeeping opportunities and more.

Richmond Beekeeping Association A great place to meet fellow beekeepers, network, learn, and share bee stories and methods for management.

Two Bees Apiary Part of our collaborative network of beekeepers.

Urban Bee Supplies Part of our collaborative network of beekeepers and our main supplier of bees and equipment!


Vancouver Foundation Environment (Field of Interest Grants) Our social impact work is firmly grounded in care for the environment, building forage and habitat for pollinators, raising awareness through education and empowering citizens by offering tools to take action. In 2016 this fund is supporting us in Building Bee Space – the programming that we run throughout the community of the DTES, which we work to keep connected year round through the bees, gardens, celebrations, events, skills training and work opportunities.

City of Vancouver: Community Economic Development Capital Grants As we work to provide meaningful connection year round, the development of our Bee Space, a place for our community to connect, has become key. This grant will support us, in 2015/2016 in creating our community hub, Bee Space.

Vancouver Foundation and City of Vancouver: Greenest City Fund We are thrilled to be recipients of Greenest City Grant Funds for 2014 (Therapeutic Mentorship Beekeeping), 2015 (Pollinators and People) and 2016 (Urban Pollinator Sanctuary). A collaboration between The Vancouver Foundation and The City of Vancouver, these funds support us in bringing our therapeutic programming into DTES apiaries, connecting people and pollinators, building self worth and community pride, facilitating workshops and events, and building community around apiculture. The PHS Community Service Society has supported our application and provided us with the opportunity to do this work.

Fairmont Cares The Fairmont Waterfront has become a key partner, supporting our work and thus extending their mandate of environmental sustainability to include social justice. We have received support from this fund in 2014 to launch our Pollinator Corridor Project, and in 2015 to extend this project, including a pollinator habitat in the Chef’s kitchen garden on the rooftop garden.

Vancity Community Foundation We are excited to be working with Vancity: Good Money! Vancity has supported our Beekeeping Mentorship Program in 2016, helping us to build opportunities for our community beekeepers to further develop their beekeeping skills, taking courses, and visiting apiaries beyond their own community’s. And in 2017 supporting our organizational capacity growth.

Faskens Martineau has supported our work through a Reconciliation 150 Award in 2017, to support our work connecting people to community through the culture of the hive – including drum making workshops in partnership with Culture Save Lives, Hastings Urban Farm workshops and events, and our Therapeutic Apiary Program.

LUSH Charity Pot and Sustainability Fund Our Bee Space work and training opportunity program has been supported by the LUSH Charity Pot, creating meaningful opportunities for folks living at risk and on the margins, to get engaged in supportive and creative work, that is healing, that offers hope, and that build pride. In 2017 we delivered a Beginner Beekeeper course to staff at Lush through a Riverside Apiary we built and maintained, making our delicious 2017 Riverside Honey.

Neighbourhood Matching Fund The city is doing a lot to support pollinators, including planting pollinator friendly perennials in our public parks and greenways, and supporting Hives for Humanity’s Pollinator Corridor Project (2014) and our DTES Seed Library (2016), and Cathedral Square Park Apiary and Pollinator Meadow (2017) – working to create pollinator forage and habitat, connect people and pollinators, and build community pride.

Bee World Project Bee World have given us business mentorship, places in their beekeeping workshops at the Honeybee Centre, and a grant in 2014 to help us set up infrastructure to support our work: a storage container, extracting machines and tools. They do valuable work around the world, bringing bees into villages and working to set up training and sustainable jobs with small communities.

BC Hydro Community Champions In 2014 we were selected “Community Champions”,  (you can watch the video here,) and received funding to support the installation of a new Therapeutic Apiary into the DTES community, workshops building awareness about pollinators with schools and community organizations throughout the city. We were also able to offer our support to the Strathcona Youth Beekeepers Association. We are able to continue our support of these initiatives, thanks to the firm start this grant gave us.