The Power of Bees: Team building workshops!

Are you looking for a unique and unforgettable experience for your team/group? Want to connect to the natural world around you and learn something new?

As always, nature is the best teacher – bees have a way of capturing our curiosity – through their vibrations, communication, and magic! Delving into the world of bees with our enthusiastic beekeepers can ignite imaginations, spark inspiration, and create moments of reflection as we appreciate the lessons of these incredible creatures.

Beekeeping is an experience like no other. Our presentations and workshops explore all aspects of community beekeeping, offering historical, biological, social and cultural insights. Get in touch with us to talk about your team, your goals and how we can create a flexible, fun, and engaging experience!

We are more than beekeepers. Bees are much more than honey.

> Pollinator & Community Health
> Communication & Team-building
> Mindfulness, Self-Worth & Community Pride
> Connection & Reciprocity
> Advocacy

> Therapeutic Hive Tour & Team Building Experiences
> Speaking Engagements
> Classroom Presentations
– with portable demonstration hive
– with bee-centric activity/craft

To hear what the team at Routific Solutions thought of their hive tour, check out this article from Huffington Post

Excerpt from article: “From behind my beekeeping veil, time seemed to dribble to a gooey halt and I became engrossed in the bees that were crawling, floating, darting and taking flight in a seemingly frenetic yet purposeful way. This heightened awareness allowed me to experience an intense focus that rarely arises in me, a modern, multi-tasking human being.”

To read full workshop options, full descriptions, view pricing and schedule, download our Workshop Info Package PDF!

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