Woven Flax Pollinator Markers

EartHand Gleaners Society facilitated a workshop at our Bee Space on Monday as part of their Terroir Project, and it was magic. We’ve been building this partnership for the past year and half, and this workshop felt like a whole bunch of work really paying off in community engagement, ownership and pride.

Sharon Kalis, community based artist, has been growing flax and milkweed in partnership with community organizations including ours for the past year. The flax was harvested and spun using traditional hand methods, dyed with natural materials like marigold petals, and then waxed with our DTES beeswax. The yarn is now being knit into skeps (traditional bee hive) that will hang along East Hastings, marking places where pollinator friendly things are happening in the community, as part of our Pollinator Corridor Project.

There was quiet and focus in the room, soft conversations as we waxed the flax yarn and knit up the skeps, and the joy of being part of this full circle of creativity, from the earth into our hands and into community, it was tangible.

The project will be hanging these markers and giving a tour of the pollinator places on June 6th … more info to come on that.

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